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Aug 15 17 - Just because
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I just need to say; please stop blaming EVERYONE who belongs to *insert ANY political or even religious group here* for the inevitable extremists and their reprehensible actions. You're just making the polarizing effects of it all much much worse.

Just as one can't say "cops are all corrupt assholes", one also cannot say "black folk are all criminals." You can't say "men are all scum", just as you can't say "women are all weak." It's simply not true, and that is fact. Yes, there are cops who are assholes. Yes, there are black people who are criminals. But the fact is that most are not and people should be judged individually, not by what so-and-so extremist member of said group did.

Note: This doesn't apply to hate-only groups such as Nazi's, etc. Please, always blame hate-only groups for hatred, that's perfectly fair, as it's all these types of groups stand for.
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 Just going to make a quick post... It's late in here and I got exams later... BUT I LOVE YOU ABOVE ALL THE HAPPENINGS IN MY SCHOOL LIFE...


I'm really thankful to SMAP for encouraging your younger self to unconsciously join the magical world of Johnny's Entertainment. You made me believe in miracles and learn to love animals (they still hate me, tho x'DD)... Aishiteru, Aibachi~


Jaa! Enjoy your wonderful day, my Sunshine!

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Sometimes I forget that I'm actually LGBTQ+.

Not because of any personal experience of acephobia/being ostracized but just because being defined as such always seemed so ... sex-centric? Almost always, I see people defining their "LGBTQ+"-ness via the metric of, "Who am I (sexually) attracted to," and for asexual me, that never helped me connect with the umbrella identity.

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A Tale of Two Sisters (6/10) → A bit too slow for my tastes. I didn't like Su-Mi at all and it wasn't nearly as scary as I'd hoped it would be. Though I do like the fact that you end up going, "Oh, shit," when you look back at the rest of the movie after the twist was revealed.

Oculus (7/10) → Very much enjoyed the build-up of the movie but it kinda fell flat for me in the climax; it ... didn't really feel like it had a climax? But the way the past and the future timelines progressively blended together throughout the entire movie was really good. Spoilers? )

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Oh gosh. I don’t even know what to say... It’s been five years of an amazing journey with this show, the characters and its cast.

It was ambitious and it had missteps, and I have a lot to say about representation they missed out on but at the end of the day its a good show that tried to swing for the fences.

I’m going to miss the cast, not only Tatiana Maslany because I’ve been watching cast interviews and panels and I love how much they all love each other.

spoilery reactions )

Farewell Orphan Black, thank you for the five years.

Aug 12 17 - Fandom post
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Steven Universe S05E01-04 (9/10)

The more I think about it, the more I believe that Yellow Diamond was the one behind Pink Diamond's death. Also, I totally did not expect them to go in that direction with Lars holy shit o_O

Comics/Graphic Novels

Elseworlds Trilogy

  • Superman's Metropolis (2/5)
  • Batman: Nosferatu (3/5)
  • Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon (1/5)

According to Wikipedia, all the stories are based on German expressionist films. Overall not really my thing in terms of art or writing. The latter felt like the writer was trying too hard to be ... idk if "deep" is the right word.

I liked the Wonder Woman issue the least. While I like the background that was given to her, the story in its entirety captured nothing of Diana's essence. Someone on Goodreads said that they focused on Diana's attractiveness and nothing else as her main defining characteristic and that's pretty accurate. Superman's and Batman's stories still managed to make me go, "Yep, that's Supes and Bats," and maintained the core of the characters but The Blue Amazon only got "wtf?????" out of me.

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Aug 11 17
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I had this long-ish entry planned out to talk about a conversation I had on Twitter the other day but honestly just the thought of it lowkey annoys me so have a good Tweet thread instead:

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おθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†, 中峢裕翔!!

Before this day official ends in my country... I just wanted to greet my beloved Yuto 'Yutti' Nakajima a big OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!! Oh my sweet days! Time sure flies fast... Wishing you the best to come and hope that you get more projects for your career, darlin'! I love you so much, my beloved son!

Hontou ni gomen ne if I posted very late... I've been very busy lately at school... With lesson plans and thesis on my way, sleep is all I can think for a rest... But daijoubu! I'm still updated on HSJUMP, Arashi and other fandom stuffs ^_^.. But how I was able to watch Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru last nyte is still a mystery...

By the way, sooper excited to see Shinobi no Kuni in our local cinemas this month! Ohno! Chinen! Satomi! Tsunaguuuu!!

Jaa! Enjoy! And a sooper happy belated 10th anniversary to SNSD! I love you girls!

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So, the highlight of July was SDCC! As always, this was a delight, though not as much fun as last year, since Mom couldn't make it (she promised Rita a year of childcare, and BiL's parental leave ended the week before). Dad also kept procrastinating on calling his sister to ask if we could stay in their condo again, to the point where when I discovered he still hadn't asked, just assumed, it was too late for us to get in the hotel registration as a backup. So by the time he finally got around to it, his sister said we were welcome to stay again! Except she and her husband would be there for part of the weekend, too. The place is massive (EAT THE RICH AND TAKE THEIR CONDOS), so there was plenty of room for all of us, but it meant being on our best behavior and, as Dad thanked me for doing, discreetly leaving the room when conversation turned to politics. They're ~genteel~ enough to think Trump is vulgar, at least, and we were able to politely agree to disagree on some things, and even agree on a couple of things, so that was a win, too.

BUT it was still lots of fun anyway; I spent a ton of money, in keeping with tradition, and got some new art (I am gonna run out of wall space, but probably not anytime soon since I still haven't found frames for everything from last year) and other goodies. The main panel I wanted to get to was the Star Trek: Discovery panel in Ballroom 20, which I'd told Mom I'd at least try and get into on her behalf, since she couldn't go. The line was dreadful when I got there and I wasn't optimistic, but it moved much quicker than I expected and I actually ended up getting in three panels ahead.


Panel highlights )

Then there was some hilarity on Monday because my father had misread the tickets for our flight home. So we arrived at 8:30 for a 10:30 AM flight, went to check our bags...and discovered that, in fact, our flight was for 10:30 PM. To be honest, I just burst out laughing when we learned, but Dad and Doug spent most of the day sulking. I mean, it was annoying, sure, but it wasn't that bad. It's better, as Doug pointed out once we finally got home, than the time he was going to visit our parents in Australia, misread the tickets, and realized he was more than twelve hours late for his flight. I ended up finding a movie theater not far from the airport, the fancy kind with big reclining seats, good food, and alcohol, so we took a Lyft over there and saw Baby Driver. I had a couple of excellent Moscow Mules, which improved my tolerance for their sulking, and the movie was lots of fun.

I spent the following weekend popping large amounts of sparkling wine with Mom in our relief over the healthcare vote. CRIPES I can't even tell you how fucking relieved we were, Internet. And that Monday, the 31st, I took a half-day from work, and went downtown to have lunch with [personal profile] newredshoes. We have been friends for aaaaaages but have never actually met in person before and IT WAS SO GREAAAAAAT, we had brunch at Kramerbooks (and cocktails when they switched over to their lunch menu) and talked for ages and bought books and it was just a total delight.

So, all in all, July went pretty well, I would say. Well done, universe, that's definitely made it a bit easier to bear August.
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